Hotel Parco Serrone invites you to discover the Apulia’s treasures, visiting the suggestive Castel Del Monte, the enchanting Trulli di Alberobello, the Caves of Castellana, the Romanesque Cathedrals, the impressive Sassi of Matera all declared “World Heritage” by the UNESCO.

Thanks to its strategic position Hotel Parco Serrone situated on the countries of Murgia hills, allows to enjoy of itineraries that let you discover history, culture, traditions, architectures and admire the territories of Federico II and the coast roads with the splendid sea that surrounds one of the most beautiful regions in Italy.

The following are the most preferred and easily reachable destinations:


Hotel Parco Serrone, at 3 km from the centre of Corato, town in the province of Bari, is situated on the eastern slopes of Murgia hills, a rocky soil, particularly suitable for the local cultivations: vineyards, olive and almond orchards, sowing. Of great historical and cultural interest, thanks to the inheritance of Svevi and Angioini, there are a lot of monuments to visit: stately palacest, The splendid church of Incoronata , Chiesa Matrice, entitled to S. Maria Maggiore, Chiesa dei Cappuccini seat of devotions to Rita da Cascia and Madonna del Pozzo. Moreover, Corato is an important cultural centre , rich of events ,festival and fairs of great acclaim.

Corato – San Magno

At about 13 km from Corato it has been brought to the light a necropolis of sepulchre tumult type dolmenico and clearly collegabile to the cyst of the late age of the bronze. The central area of the necropolis extends in sense north-south for around 2 Km and in sense east-west for around 1 Km. The structure of the graves presents in the middle a predominantly rectangular cista and enough ample edged both from blocks and from plates more or less as megalitiche to be seemed, if not authentically dolmenica, type dolmenico and clearly collegabile to the cista of the recalled sepulchre dolmenico to tumult of the late age of the bronze.

Castel del Monte – Andria

Jewel of the architecture of Apulia, patrimony of the Unesco from 1996, is one of the principal destinations of the mystical and cultural tourism of Apulia. Craved from Fred II of Svevia in the XIII century, the Castle dominates, with its thick octagonal structure, the small line of the Murge in the territory of Andria. Considered universally a genial example of medieval architecture, Castel del Monte in reality unites different stylistic elements, passing from the Romanesque to the Gothic one, from the classical art up to inflexions and Islamic tones of the mosaics. Today, because of the mathematical and astronomic rigor of its planimetry, based on the number eight as the number guide and its positioning, it has been studied in order to create particular symmetries of light in the days of solstice and equinox.

Trani e Cattedrale

White and monumental, the Cathedral of Trani is among the maximum masterpieces of the Romanic of Apulia. It was built on the ancient church of Saint Maria of the Staircase to welcome the relics of the young pilgrim Greek Nicola, after his canonization.

Its position, the local stone used, and its shutter made of bronze give it a singular brightness while some architectonical devices make it so slender that it seems to anticipate the gothic stylistic elements. The Cathedral rises on a terrace preceded by a staircase, on a small promontory exposed on the sea, an enchanting position that makes it cultural and religious tourist destination, world famous.

Ruvo di Puglia

Ruvo di Puglia at few kilometers from Bari, the town of Ruvo of Puglia was born as a strengthened suburb enclosed by boundaries and towers, up to become point of reference for all those people who follow the “streets of the oil” and for the one who wants to discover the most precious jewels of the Park of the Murgia. Among the most important destinations, surely the Cathedral: considered by a lot of people the “daughter” of the Cathedral in Trani. The building is amazing and, built to the center of the square, it dominates the scene, austere, simple and grandiose. Its architectural structure preserves all the stylistic and architectural aspects of the Romanic of Apulia: central rose window, elegant graven portals The inside, with three aisles, it’s solemn with the mighty central pillars. Not to lose the undergrounds with the remains of the cathedral.

Città di Bari

The fascinating chief town of Apulia, city of sea and frontier: open door on the east, it is an important bridge on the Mediterranean. From here the important historical, cultural and architectural inheritance that the different dominations have left in the city: italic, Roman Greek, Byzantine, Saracen, Norman and svevi, and still Angioini and Aragonese. They are the principal ones that have left indelible signs for the construction of the monuments, of the roads, and historical buildings.
Surely, among the most interesting and rich zones of interest, it is the most ancient (Bari Vecchia) zone that contains the medieval and Renaissance monuments as the Romanesque Basilica of St. Nicola, the Castle of Fred II, the Cathedral of St. Sabino, the alleys with the artisan shops that extend him up to the market of the fish and Piazza del Ferrarese ( the entry in the old city)

Down south,you can find the “Murattiano” district, heart of the modern city, characterized by an orderly map like a chessboard, the beautiful seafront and the elegant roads for shopping. Ideal city for tourists who love the typical atmospheres of a sea city , art, culture and the good way of living.

Polignano a mare

Interesting is also the fascinating Polignano a Mare, a little, picturesque town with overhanging cliffs, spectacular panoramic terraces, charming bays and natural caves.

Miragica, Outlet, Mongolfiera, Grande centro commerciale di Molfetta

Tourist and commercial pole, they represent the destinations for people who desire to devote to the shopping, to leisure and fun without spending chaotic time in the crowded cities.
This pole , s
ituated along the Adriatic National Road, rises near the city of Molfetta and at about 20 km from Bari, near to the famous coasts of Puglia and to the beauties of Murgia,

It is composed by:
Miragica: great amusement park that consists of 18 attractions, theater,multiplex and restaurant.
Outlet Village of Fashion District: the opportunity to do shopping in over 140 shops buying cheap items of the best brands of clothing, footwear ,bags cosmetic, etc..